Vol. 4, Issue 1

ISSN 2516-5860


A ‘love song and lament’: walking the pandemic city with a spray can
Melissa Nolas and Christos Varvantakis


Specialised technique
Onyeka Igwe

Three poems
Aris Anagnostopoulos

Visualising invisible (migrant) activism
Piotr Goldstein

Returning to the trouble
Amy Mack, Jan Newberry, and Erin Spring

Multimodal & Multisensorial Memories
Amy Mack

Photographic bundles
Jan Newberry

Transforming self through land and relations
Erin Spring


Evocation as embodied stories in woven layers: exploring intersubjectivity through film, animation, graphics and sound
Ruth Gibbons

Digitally performing duoethnography. Collaborative practices and the production of anthropological knowledge
Anna Apostolidou and Ivi Daskalaki

Of children’s play, work and idleness embedded in sociality
Barbara Turk Niskač


[Re-view] Re-view of Sonic Ethnography
Maria Fernandez Pello

[Re-view] Inter-medial openings in Sonic Ethnography
Juliet Pascal Glazer

Mushrooms at the end of the issue

Making Data-Stories

Editor: Penelope Papailias. Producer: Constantinos Diamantis

The woman in the database
Penelope Papailias

Anthropological Role-playing Games as Multimodal Pedagogical Tools: Rhetoric, Simulation and Critique
Petros Petridis

Geolocating beyond coordinates: spatial stories of researching – relating – creating
Nikos Bubaris and Ismini Gatou

Exploring Uses of Networked Images in Desktop Documentary
Steffen Köhn and Lillian Dam Bracia

What if this happened in your city? Collective decision-making and embodied witnessing in live participatory film events
Maple J. Razsa, Penelope Papailias and Lillian Dam Bracia

Data-Stories for Post-Ethnography
Penelope Papailias

Anthropology of/at/from home (Part 2)

Editors: Francisco Martínez, Eeva Berglund and Adolfo Estalella

Epistemic Tools for a Sustained Liminality: An Introduction in the Meantime
Francisco Martínez, Eeva Berglund and Adolfo Estalella

The Pandemic (Day)dreams
Tamta Khalvashi and Nino Aivazishvili-Gehne

The Field Keeps Breaking into My Home
Alexandra Balandina

My room is my witness: the perks and drawbacks of doing Anthropology from a 20 square-meters space
Mar Gil Álvarez

Drawing a Home for Anthropology
Maxime Le Calvé

Far Away, So Close: A Collective Ethnography Around Remoteness
Francisco Martínez, Eeva Berglund, Rachel Harkness, David Jeevendrampillai and Marjorie Murray