Vol. 3, Issue 2. (Autumn/Winter, 2020)

ISSN 2516-5860


Openings   1-6
Christos Varvantakis and Sevasti-Melissa Nolas pdf  HTML
Retrospective (re)presentation: turning the written ethnographic text into an ‘ethno-graphic’.
Charlie Rumsby pdf  HTML
Knots and Holes   28
Mattijs van de Port pdf HTML
[Review] Four thoughts on Knots and Holes
Lisa Stevenson pdf HTML
[Review] Knots and Holes   33-36
Michael Jackson pdf HTML    

[Review] Intermittent

Lucas Sanper pdf HTML
Mushrooms at the end of the issue    
Anthropology of/at/from home (Part 1)  
Edited by Francisco Martinez, Eeva Berglund, and Adolfo Estalella  
Introduction: Anthropology of/at/from home   39-43
Francisco Martinez, Eeva Berglund, and Adolfo Estalella pdf HTML
A Swan Song   44-48
Sarah Green pdf HTML
The bright side of Coronavirus: Reinventing home during quarantine 
Tomás Errázuriz and Ricardo Greene pdf HTML
At home After Ethnos: A visual essay   60-68

Edgar Gómez Cruz

pdf HTML
Staying Connected: Coronavirus in Japan   69-78
Laura Haapio-Kirk pdf HTML
Doing time – visual notes on waiting without quite knowing for what exactly   79-85
Martha-Cecelia Dietrich pdf HTML
Unreachable: the poverty of virtual ethnography   86-91
Pekka Tuominen pdf HTML
The case for letting anthropology be quarantined: Covid and the end of ethnographic presence   92-96
Samuel Gerald Collins and Matthew Slover Durington pdf HTML
A Story of She: Collective feminist film making at home (between Japan and Scotland)   97-102
Jennifer Clarke, Fionn Duffy, Rachel Grant, Mei Homma, Natsumi Sakamoto, Sarah McWhinney, and Asako Taki pdf HTML
From Nest to Next: A video essay on Passages   103-106
Michele A. Feder-Nadoff pdf HTML
A Home in the Building: Mutuality and Construction Work on Friendship Boulevard   107-117
Francisco Martinez pdf HTML
Goodbye, Johnny Weissmuller   118-122
Marcos Farias Ferreira pdf HTML
Home is a waking dream   123-126
Jason Pine and Kathleen Stewart pdf HTML