Vol. 1, Issue 2. (Autumn, 2018)

ISSN 2516-5860



Multimodal ethnographies between curation and experimentation 24-29
Christos Varvantakis and Sevasti-Melissa Nolas pdf HTML


Vocal letters: A migrant’s family records from  the 1950s and the phonographic production and reproduction of memory 30-51
Panayotis Panopoulos pdf HTML
Displacement and the creation of emplaced activism: Public interventions on the walls of a European border city 52-31
Pafsanias Karathanasis and Konstantina Kapsali pdf HTML
Can I sing a carnival song? Listening to ethnographic sounds at a pasodoble ¾ rhythm 62-66
Katerina Sergidou pdf HTML
I’m still, here: shadow portraiture as creative spatial practice in research with children 67-88
Amy Mulvenna pdf HTML


Finding home: a multimodal narrative of Syrian refugees’ everyday life 89-96
Marta Cenedese pdf HTML
‘Connective memories’: reflections on relations between childhood, memory and temporality 97-101
Kirrily Pells pdf HTML
Making sensory ethnography and sensorial Formats in Re-View 102-107
Mary Pena, Cindy Lin, Nina Jackson Levin, Prash Naidu, Miranda Garcia, Roxana Maria Aras, Salman Hussain, Cintia Huitzil,  and Janaki Phillips pdf HTML
[Event Review] ‘New ethnographic contexts and methodological innovation: creativity, imagination and performance 108-113
Keira Pratt-Boyden pdf HTML


What could possibly go wrong? (by way of introducing ‘the ethnographer’ to a primary school assembly) 114-119
Rebecca Webb pdf HTML
She said YES! 120-124
Deema Shahin pdf HTML
The encumbrances of time: a récit from Tallen Förskola 125-128
Christopher M. Schulte pdf HTML
Columbo’s heirs – footnotes to the television era 129-134
Thomas Wochnik pdf HTML