Final Issue

Vol. 5, Issue 1/2

ISSN 2516-5860


Last but not least
Melissa Nolas, Christos Varvantakis, Robyn Long, Ellie Walton, and Bethany Logan


Dancing with data: A multimodal story of living-with-data as a process diffractive analysis

Clarrie Smith

#TheHead: Genealogical Mapping Notes

Panos Sklavenitis

Lockdown 3, Day 58: 3rd March 2021

Julia Bennett


Archive of silence: on inter-generational memories of gendered trauma

Jana Kriechbaum

Many times: The perception of temporality in digital environments

Petros Petridis, Elias Stouraitis, Manolis Patiniotis

Kaleidoscopic Vision: Immersive Experiments in Maritime Worlds

Mark Westmorland, Annet Pauwelussen, and Silke van Diemen

¿Majestad Negra? Understanding Puerto Rican racial politics through diasporic performances of Bomba

Joseph Spir Rechani

From Cultural Critique to Multimodality: Representational strategies and new notions of in-betweenness

Eleana Yalouri

Multimodal Values: The Challenge of Institutionalizing and Evaluating More-than-textual Ethnography

Tomás Criado, Ignacio Farías and Julia Schröder


[Re-view] The King of Bangkok, by Claudio Sopranzetti and Sara Fabbri (2019)

Letizia Bonanno

Mushrooms at the end of the issue

Ez Donk Oraindik and the Exquisite Senses. Feminist Reflections on the Ethnography of Smell

Prologue.Ethnographies through the nose
Margaret Bullen

Prólogo: Etnografías a través de la nariz

Margaret Bullen

Materiality through Smell: Earth and Fabrics

Idoia Galán Silvo

La materialidad a través del olfato: la tierra y las telas

Idoia Galán Silvo

The smell of origins. Traces, processes and practices in transnational adoption

Iosune Fernández-Centeno

El olor de los orígenes: Huellas, procesos y prácticas en la adopción transnacional

Iosune Fernández-Centeno

Tell me, what does the south smell like? Ethnographic smellscapes pain(ted) with Cézanne’s brush

Katerina Sergidou

Dime, ¿Cómo huele el sur? Paisajes etnográficos de D-olor con el pincel de Cézanne

Katerina Sergidou

Natural scents or cultural perfumes: the revelations of floral fragrances

Margaret Bullen

Aromas naturales o perfumes culturales: las revelaciones de las fragancias florales

Margaret Bullen

Strange smells, familiar smells and forbidden smells. Building the Fulbe imaginary through smell

Miriam del Pino Molina

Olores extraños, olores familiares y olores prohibidos: Construyendo el imaginario del hogar fulbe a través del olfato

Miriam del Pino Molina

Putting my nose to my fieldwork: what does fieldwork smell like?

Noemi Gómez Mendoza

Husmeando el trabajo de campo: ¿a qué huele el trabajo de campo?

Noemi Gómez Mendoza

Epilogue. Ethnographies without a nose

Katerina Sergidou, Noemi Gómez Mendoza, Idoia Galan Silvo, Iosune Fernandez-Centeno, Miriam del Pino Molina, Margaret Bullen

Epílogo. Etnografías sin nariz

Katerina Sergidou, Noemi Gómez Mendoza, Idoia Galan Silvo, Iosune Fernandez-Centeno, Miriam del Pino Molina, Margaret Bullen

Rhythmic Aesthetic Formations: Multimodal Explorations

Introduction: Rhythmic Aesthetic Formations: Multimodal Explorations

Ian M. Cook, Valerie Hänsch, Sandro Simon

Rhythms of Passage in north-central Namibia, Oukwanyama

Yannick van den Berg

Infrastructuring and Sensing Changing Environments: Navigating Dammed River Nile Waters in Northern Sudan

Valerie Hänsch

Conducting the City: A Multimodal Essay about Housing and Land Brokers in India

Ian M. Cook

Rhythm and Aesthetics in Waterwork and Audiovisual Practice

Sandro Simon

Workers Leaving the Cinema: Rhythms of Work and Cinematic-Time in Old Delhi

Rosemary Grennan


Dawn Lyon